Exceptionally aroused…

Today, during this morning, I’m exceptionally aroused. I want to feel a body caressing my own.
I want to feel strong hands around my sensitive neck, my wrists, my ankles.
I want to feel soft lips kissing every part of my body.
Oh I’m so aroused, so lewd. I lay in bed underneath the soft blanket. I even become aroused by the feeling of this blanked caressing my bare skin.
I bury my face in my large pillow. I feel my body screaming: ‘I want a man, now!’
Unfortunately, there Is no man. At the moment there is no man in my life who can pet me so deliciously.
Hmmmmm…My fantasies should be sufficient….exceeding every real touch by far.
Only one men could ever reach the level of satisfaction I only experience while fantasizing.
And now I fantasize about him. A wave of desire submerges my body. I feel every muscle of my body contracting, not only the ones ‘down there’.
I bite the fabric of my pillow. A tear escapes and rolls over my face, in my pillow.
Oh, my satisfaction has only been that good once in a while.
I come out of bed, reluctantly. My body is still warm and aroused.
I take a shower. Nothing helps. I get dressed. Nothing helps. I put myself on a chair to study….Oh God, the agony….



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