The male gaze

Your glance rests upon me.
I can’t see you, but feel all the better
how your eyes peruse the soft lines of my neck and shoulders.

I turn around
and answer your gaze with a flirty, feline look

No, it’s not time yet.
You have to wait,
enjoying the movements of my body
dressed in exquisite red.

I walk to the mirror, to put on
my exquisite jewelery.
My necklace, how it accentuates my
long neck and clavicles.
My earrings, that highlight my youthful face.
And my bracelets, showing my hands feminine and slender
as they are.

I see you standing behind me,
Your eyes show an intense lewdness.
I know you want to devour me.

Your gaze
It causes an intense heath
I can’t endure.

My hands stroke my neck gently.
I sigh, deeply.

I once again turn around.
Our eyes meet.
I waver….I petrify.
Your gaze, it takes full control over me.

My hands proceed their way to my mouth.
My fingers touch my lips.

You approach me quickly,
pull my head back,
and kiss me passionately.
I feel your hands fondling my body.
Oh, I waver again.
I have to close my eyes for a moment.
to experience this intense moment.
But you don’t let me.
You force me to look in your eyes again.
To surrender to your devouring gaze.

Oh…my eyes become watery.
I feel as if a rocket is singing my throat.

No longer I want to wait.
Please, take me,
here and now…..


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