It’s not her state of undress. What she’s wearing is sexy, but not particularly revealing.
She’s waiting on the bed, but that could be misinterpreted.
Her expression, all slitty-eyed and vixen like, could be a turn-on.
And she’s beautiful; of course, she’s beautiful.
No, what makes her irresistible, is the pose she’s adopted.
Yet, even that pose is strange in its effect.
Her back is arched: she rests on her shins and forehead, the back of her head almost touching her toes beneath her; her belly pointing to the ceiling; her arms reaching towards me.
I’m not sure what that’s an invitation to; which opening gambit is prescribed; where is the “way in”.
It doesn’t suggest any “position” I’m familiar with.
She must be uncomfortable: no-one could be otherwise, lying like that.
Maybe that’s the secret; perhaps she’s telling me: her comfort is not an issue.
She will abandon all, give anything and everything.
Tonight, she is truly mine: available, committed, besotted, unfettered.
What a marvellous photo!


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