I’m lying on the bed
Waiting and yearning
for your strong hands

The music is turned on
Soft and playful

Your senses start their journey
over my body.

I feel your hands
And sometimes your lips
Gently kissing my skin

I hear your breath
adjust to mine
Our bodies found each other
In harmony

I’m like the earth
That you’re walking on
You don’t cease to explore

My soft soil reacts
At times shaking,
At times being quiet
and awaiting

Your fingers
proceed their journey
Untill they reach Mount Venus

There’s where lies a volcano
dangerously active
Your fingers approach the place of
irresistible heat

You want to feel this heat
You want my earth to tremble
and to explode

A scorching flame
races through my body
It cramps, it startles, it cries
Until everything turns back
to normal, to inner peace.

But now you’re gone,
Who will walk this earth
kind and gentle
as you did?
Before the landscape
becomes barren and desolate?



4 responses to “Sensuality

    • oh yes i have seen you there LOL didn’t knew you were such a awesome poetry my lady and yes it is misleading but that is what makes it mysterious 😉

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