Beautiful creature
she is
Innocent and prudish
Young and green
no knowledge of
what’s going to happen
no knowledge of her own delights
I control her
Beautiful young girl
at the mercy of my control
and my goodwill
She looks at me
Her gaze is like a deer’s
but yearning
for my touch
for my passionate kisses
She is mine
I control her
I cherish her
She can’t escape from her desires
Her pleasure is mine
Her body is mine
I can’t wait
To take possession of her
Her thighs are warm and soft
Her breath becomes heavy
And her gaze
Innocent but so delicious…
And her pussy
Dripping wet
As I like it most
I’m not going to prepare her
I trust my cock
Deep in her pussy
Her moans
Loud and helpless
Telling me
I am her entitled


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