My lips,

so soft and sweet,

so full and delicious.

softly touching your skin

they start with the mouth

then move over to the neck,

where they stay for a while

kissing and caressing

while a hand is twirling your hair

my lips hungrily continue their journey

they notice your fingers, and start sucking on them

oh, how I love to see your expression

longing for all the things my lips could do

but I like to tease you

pressing a soft kiss onto your lips,

I look to your eyes,

damp from desire

my lips descend


playfully caressing your skin

sometimes sucking, sometimes kissing

Then I look into your eyes

full of hunger

I touch the tip, press my lips against it

and let your manhood enter my mouth

my lips embrace your shaft tightly

not skipping one spot

I take you deeper

and deeper

your groans tell me

you’re in heaven

for this moment

rhytmically shoving my lips over your penis

I increase the speed

I know you can’t hold it much longer

But I tease you


playfully watching your expressions

and how they change

You love mine too,

how my glance can be so devilish, so naughty

You can’t hold it

I feel your shivery movements

I see the helplessness on your face


you come all over my breasts

and on my nipples

you lick it up

and press a kiss to my





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