I want him (part 1)

PassionateKiss (1)There are these feelings of wanting and desiring one person. That only one person that had turned my life upside down. I was nothing and no one before he touched me. It was one touch that made me a different person.

It started with a hug, a kiss on the forehead, the cheek, the back and the neck… these were only the beginning. The beginning of desire, of dreams and fantasies. They were real when they happened, and their memories stuck, but it was all innocent. Innocent memories that meant a lot for me, but they weren’t as real, for their impact was short.

It wasn’t until the actual passionate long kiss, or I would rather call it “love making” in a dim lighted room. It wasn’t real and actual love making, for there was no sexual penetration, there was some nudity and passionate kissed, but for me it was the epic beginning of love making. It was real and it was passionate. It was full of fire.

The handsome sexy man, that I’m not allowed to be with…He kissed me, I kissed him back. It went on forever. He stripped me off my blouse and my bra, it felts great, in his arms. I kissed him so eagerly, I wanted him, so badly. I took a break and looked into his eyes, there was a wild sex between us only by looking at each other’s eyes.

And ever since that moment I only want him. All of him. All for myself. For me. Alone.


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