You know exactly what I like

I’ not experienced enough to talk, but at least I know exactly that I don’t need to know for sure what I want.

It seems to be that people tend to decide for you what’s good, which sex position or sexual act you need to perform, because that’s the way they like it, you end up (I end up) not having an opinion or an experience of my own. People assume that others should like and do the same they do. Like oral sex, “you’re not fun. You don’t do oral sex.” And they assume that I should do it simply because it universally preferred.

People tend to tell me what to do when it comes to sexual matters, like if I express a dislike towards a sexual style or a sexual activity they immediately show me that I don’t know anything and that I should do what’s common. Who are they to decide for me.

Sometimes I wonder, why should we spend time trying to like sexual acts we never wanted to try or like. Surly we HAVE to try in order to know if we like them or not, but we should never do so under pressure. I don’t want to try oral sex, I think it needs a lot, it needs more intimacy and trust. And I suppose people should know that no matter what they try to say, it won’t change my mind.

Have you ever felt obliged to try something you never wanted to try, simply because it should be done? like having sex in the first place, have you ever felt like having sex simply because you should, and not because you want to?



2 responses to “You know exactly what I like

  1. Good piece Ranin. I really like the openness and honesty of it. I feel exactly the same about anal sex. I’ve never liked the idea at all.

    • Yeah, it’s like people want to decide for you what’s right and what’s wrong. There’s no one’s own way to do things.

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