Perfect Partner?

angel devil

This is the age of the “one stop shop”. Across the world, supermarkets are replacing the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker with convenience stores. I do most of my shopping in supermarkets because I crave their convenience and low prices. At the same time, I miss the quality and personal touch the little shops used to provide.

For other purchases, I’m a little more choosey. I don’t expect or want my dentist to syringe my ears, or cut my hair, whilst he’s checking my teeth. I want a specialist, not a “jack of all trades” or “all-rounder”. Similarly, I’m content to see my G.P. with my minor ailments but, if there’s something seriously wrong with me, I want a specialist. I don’t expect my G.P. to be expert in every field of medicine. I wouldn’t want a good all-rounder administering my oncology, or an ear, nose and throat wallah fiddling with my aorta!

Monogamous tradition dictates that your partner must be an all-rounder. We expect him/her to provide care, attention, love, support, social interaction, entertainment, sex, and we expect to provide the same in return. It is not reasonable to expect anyone to be expert in every aspect of partnership. The very best we can hope for is a good all-rounder, with expertise in the one aspect most dear to us. Even this compromise is difficult to find and nigh-on impossible to sustain over decades.

So, is there a case for single service providers in lieu of a one stop shop? Is the only perfect partner actually not one man or woman but a collection of people, chosen for their skill sets? Logically, I think yes. Emotionally, I’m less convinced. What do you think?


3 responses to “Perfect Partner?

  1. I personally don’t think there’s something called “perfect partner” who can provide everything you need or want. A perfect partner is a partner that you can grow to feel perfectly fine with. I never had a perfect partner, I don’t think I ever had a partner if we;re going to be honest. I never looked for someone who’s perfect, or someone who can provide everything I need or want.
    I believe that a partner shouldn’t be perfect, but learn how to perfect your needs and adapt to your lifestyle. Surely you need someone to satisfy your needs, but is that what you actually need?
    It depends on if you can live with what your partner can do to satisfy you.
    But eventually, when it comes o monogamous relationship, one chooses one’s partner because of love, not because of the package the partner can offer, right?

  2. I take your point but isn’t love part of the package? No-one is perfect but someone can be perfect for you.

    • Well, it depends on how you end up feeling for the one you’re looking for. I always had someone in mind, a person that can be perfect for me, but then I ended up falling in love with the wrong people, or the people who definitely aren’t perfect for me.

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