No, thank you, I don’t do one-night-stands.

It was the end of the semester, there were only a week left and then we start with our exams, and I’ll probably never see my class mates again. I was wandering around in the corridor enjoying the air and the atmosphere of the rooms and the whole building that I spent a lot of time at studying and working. It was my favorite building, even though too much Drama happened there. saying good bye to his building and this room will indeed take a week and I will find myself embracing a new life afterwards.

“Hello there, stranger” I hear a masculine voice saying in Hebrew, my enemies’ language. Being a Palestinian, I lived in Israel and have studied in Israeli Universities, it was normal, I had to bond with everyone, but that doesn’t mean too much.

I turn around and I find that this voice belongs to Alex, the guy that only joined our classes for one semester and I didn’t have the chance to befriend him. He was handsome and sexy, he had those blue eyes that you don’t find a lot among Arabs. He wasn’t the cute nor the sweet kind of guy, he was just sexy. We didn’t get along very well at the beginning, it was my fault, I sensed the sexual tension between us and have decided to avoid him. He was always looking at me and giving me those curious looks. I didn’t need more drama for my final semester. I needed to finish my studies in peace.

My the middle of the semester we did a project together and we started being friends. He flirted with me once and I did it as well. I flirted with him playfully, never too serious. I called him “Handsome” and played along, but I never got into it too much. We only had few classes together so it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t meet him everyday and in some classes, I either flirted or ignored, much depends on the situation. We were never too close, and we only did one project together.

“So?” he starts, “What are you doing next?”

“Will probably just find a job.”


His “cool” is followed by an awkward silence. He looks at me, and then he looks down. He turns his head up and starts smiling at me. A mischievous smile.

“Tell me,” he starts again, “Are you what? a Muslims?”

“Emm..No” I answer, thinking to myself what kind of a question is that, why Jews tend to ask this question a lot. It’s important for them to ask if you’re a Muslim, a Christian or a Druze. We would usually reply with “I’m an Arab you ass” But I’ve decided to reply like that this time. “I’m none. It doesn’t matter, really.” If I’m a Muslim, then I’m not liberated enough and I can’t sleep around or do anything. If I’m a Christian, then, I can do anything…

“Oh” he says. His “oh” is followed by another awkward silence.

To break the silence I smile.

“Damn” he says out of no where, “You’re hot, like really hot.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“What do you say? You and I? just once. It’s the end of the semester for God’s sake. You’ll never see me again.”

“No, thanks, I don’t do one-night-stands.”

“Why not? okay then, two nights stand…I guess”

“No, I’m getting old”

“You’re not even 25, you’re way too young.”

“Well, my soul gets old very quickly. I only do relationships and love.”

And that was the end as far as I remember.

I don’t know if I should regret not sleeping with him, especially since I found him sexy. And have dreamed about him, touching me, kissing me, making love to me, in the bathroom, or anywhere in that building. I was avoiding more drama, but perhaps if I surrendered myself to him I wouldn’t have any drama, but a casual sex and pleasure.

It wasn’t because he’s the “enemy”, hell no. I would have said that same to anyone. Is it that I’m really getting old? and even though I had some “fun” before and I regretted it and now I’m only looking for serious sex. I’m still young. I really am. Why can’t I have fun? what is fun to me? And how long will I have to wait till I find a “serious sex” a serious love affair.

But damn, Alex was hot.


5 responses to “No, thank you, I don’t do one-night-stands.

  1. Maybe sex with a committed other (spouse or similar) is better or purer in some way than sex in a casual relationship. But that’s only maybe. The rest of your life is (hopefully) a very long time to harbour regrets. Maybe you don’t (can’t) know what you want until you’ve tasted what’s available.

    • I always believe that one should do what one feels like doing, not what others try to convince. Like “You don’t have sex? well, you should.” It’s not up for them to say “you should.”
      and surely when one has doubts and feels like doing anything should go for it and do it. Surely with some consideration. And experience helps. When you” taste what’s available”, you can start knowing.

      • You definately should only open your legs figurtively and literaly speaking to the one who is willing to commit tou in marriage, otherwise you will only have more and more regrets in your future life.

        • Sex before marriage is not a crime. It’s a free choice, but it holds a lot of responsibilities. I can sleep with whomever I want whenever I want, but I have to know what I’m doing. If I were a man I’d do the same. But being a woman in the Arab society I have to be aware of the circumstances and the consequences.

  2. hm sure honest but you have to sex with those deserving and not be a good bye present lolz
    don’t you feel you be just used like a toy for his fun ..are you ready to lose your self respect in order to enjoy your sexual freedom 😉

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