Sexy Men


Do hetrosexual women like men? It may seem like a stupid question: surely the definition of hetrosexual women is that they find men sexually attractive. Well, yes, of course it is.
But what I hear, with alarming regularity, is something quite different. Often, the answer is “I fancy men but…..” followed by a huge list of caveats, ifs, buts and conditions. Could all of this be summarised to “I fancy men but I wish they were women”? Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it feels that way at times.

Surely, you want a man to behave like a man, else you don’t want a man!

Now, I know we’re far from perfect; there are things we could do better. But peddling the “there are only two things wrong with men: everything they do and everything they say” line says to me you have a nasty case of cognitive dissonance. It’s like keeping your cat in a goldfish bowl: it won’t work. We don’t belong where you’re trying to put us. We’re supposed to be different from women: that’s the point!


One response to “Sexy Men

  1. There is this kind of fashion for women to date women, even though they’re not really attracted to them. It’s like a girl announces: “I’m sick of men, they’re assholes, I’m moving to the other side.”
    I personally find it unfair for the homosexual women (in my society at least) who struggle with their sexual identity, while heterosexual women find it cool or easy to be homosexual.
    I also believe that women aren’t perfect or easy to deal with, and some of them are different from others.
    Sometimes I believe that I’m pansexual, that I don’t “fancy men” but “fall in love with one person”. But surly that can’t be true since I never had feelings toward a woman.

    But still, women and men are different, they don’t share the same bodies, and they don’t have the same mind… things should be different between them, and even though I consider myself a feminist and that I get really angry with men, but I don’t agree that men should say everything right or do everything right… women aren’t perfect either, and they don’t say the right things, or do the right thing… no one is perfect.

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