underwearI’m pretty sure that it’s different for women and men. Straight blokes seem to have a dreadful fear of seeming gay. I think I do too, though it was much more powerful when I was younger. Is male sexuality more fragile?
Recall the adverts for men’s underware in mail order catalogues. Whenever there is more than one man in a photo, they’re studiously ignoring each other’s bodies. Often, they’re pointing and looking at something off-camera (there’s the chap whose got our trousers!). Women seem much less self-conscious. It’s not unusual to hear a woman say that another woman is beautiful but it’s virtually unheard of for a straight man to speak that way about another bloke.
I don’t understand what women find attractive in men at all! I wish someone could explain it all to me.


One response to “Sexuality

  1. It’s a very good questions, what do we women find attractive in men? In my situation it’s not really about the looks. A man can be entirely handsome and a model, but that doesn’t mean that he has to be attractive to me. What do we like about men?… that’s a very good question. As a heterosexual woman all I can say there’s something about the sexual appeal to the person in question. And it’s quite casual for women to state that other women are attractive or beautiful, sometimes I find myself fancying a beautiful woman. And ever since I was young, I’m extremely fascinated by women’s body. I can look at pictures of naked women for hours, and enjoy it, that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to them or that I’m bisexual or anything sexual… it’s not sexual, it’s admiration of beauty.
    And just something extra: beauty signifies women.

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