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Does sex have a bad image?
I wonder about the words we use: dirty, sinful, lascivious, rude, filthy, lecherous, corrupting.
Surely sex is good, wholesome, natural, fulfilling and fun?
Why do we give it such poor write up?


One response to “Public Image

  1. There’s nothing wrong about sex, but when were young we were raised to believe that sex is immoral when it’s outside of the marriage frame. Lust is considered one of the seven deadly sins, and in Islam it’s called Zina, which is also a sin.
    Sex can be filthy and dirty and corrupt when it’s badly used. Sex addicts, pedophiles and rapists seem extremely wrong for me. And guys who lie for sex and use women to get laid, lie to them and play with them, as a feminist I also find it wrong.
    But healthy sex, well, it’s healthy and beautiful… I even used to think that sex is a sacred ceremony.

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