Oral Sex

mouthAllow me first to make clear that I am speaking of F/M. I have no experience of M/M or F/F or F/F/M or any other combination.
I’ve arrived at the realisation that I prefer oral sex to anything else, particularly a 69. I can imagine giving up penetrative sex altogether.

I love to give oral because:

1. I can see and feel exactly what I’m doing.

2. It is the most effective method I’ve found to help my partner to orgasm.

I love to receive oral because:

1. It seems the most perfect and total acceptance of me by my partner.

2. It feels absolutely wonderful.

3. I don’t lose control, i.e. I don’t rush to orgasm before I’m ready.

I don’t need deep throat or CIM. I think these might be porn industry invents anyway and I can’t see any benefit.

I’d be interested to hear some feedback on this issue, from both men and women, if you’re not too shy, please. How does oral rate against penetrative sex for you? Do you prefer 69 or take it in turns? Do you also experience better control?


6 responses to “Oral Sex

  1. I always believed that oral sex is more intimate than penetrative sex. I have never tried oral sex, and was never excited to try it, so I don’t know.

  2. Enjoy giving. Less comfortable receiving. Different kind of intimacy than penetrative. Wouldn’t give up either. (And if I’m correctly interpreting “CIM” then I disagree with you on that front – I wouldn’t want my male partner’s essence anywhere else.) Oh – and not in my very limited experience 69 can be too distracting due to trying to work out the physical logistics. Much easier to focus on just giving, or just receiving.

    • Interesting to hear your take on this: many thanks for sharing.
      How does your partner feel about the CIM thing? I’ve heard some men describe it as the “ultimate acceptance” but I’ve also heard some women describe it as “abuse”. I can understand both points of view.
      I take your point about the “physical logistics” and of course its easier to focus on only giving or receiving. I focus on giving, whilst I’m receiving and I find that blissful. But it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same: whatever works for you and your partner is right.

      • Interesting question about how the partner feels. It’s never come up in discussion that I recall. (“Never” being a VERY few partners, mind you.)

        • IMHO good sex leans heavily on good communication. If you can tell each other what you like, don’t like, what you’d like more or less of, you can strive for perfection. It’s amazing how many folk are not comfortable with doing this but, once you get over the initial hurdle of embarassment or awkwardness or sensitivity to criticism, it can really make a difference.

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