Welcome to Kiss Kaleidos

We have decided to open this blog as a mini magazine to offer bloggers and anyone to join and engage in intelligent exchange about sex, erotic fantasies, confessions.

I, Ranin, want to offer those who are like me, young Arabs, to talk about sexuality as we secretly experience it. Not only I like to read about sexuality, but also like to share my thoughts, discuss and experience.

We are all sexual beings, we are intellectual, but still we want to talk about sex. It’s healthy, don’t you think?

For those who want to join, can send me their e-mails or wordpress username to ranin.0mATgmail.com (replace AT with @) . You can send me instructions whether to be anonymous and state which category you want to be in:  Sex Lifestyle, Sex Health, Confessions, Fantasies, Fashion and you can suggest another.


We are interested to read your thoughts, even if you disagree.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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